[Project_owners] Branding options

SUSHI project at MozDev sushi4moz at wanadoo.es
Sun Sep 28 09:32:25 EDT 2003

Hi Pete

I know, I know. But I do want branding in several pages, so I thought I 
could select when to use it by simply adding "no_wrap" in the links. The 
problem -as I said- is that then the system adds "no_wrap" to all the links 
contained in the page being called, so I can not link from there to another 
page with branding.

Any other idea?

Thanks for the help.


>>Can anyone tell me why when including the "no_wrap" option in the URL for 
>>a link, then in the page being served the "no_wrap" is automatically 
>>appended for all the elements of that page (links to pictures and links 
>>to other pages)?
>>Does this mean that when not using the branding options I can not use any 
>>URL relative to the page location?
>If you don't want branding, just use local.conf $serve_as_is=ON
>A good example of a project using this feature is http://xprint.mozdev.org/
>Pete Collins
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