[Project_owners] MozDev Branding

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 21 18:20:54 EDT 2003

--- Bernd Eckstein <eck at ivu.de> wrote: 
> Biju G C schrub im Jahre 19.09.2003 19:37:
> > But what I want is to keep MozDev branding for pages in root dir.
> > And turn off it for 404.html error page (error/404.html) 
> Place different local.conf in the root and in the error-dir. An existing 
> local.conf in a subdir supersedes the local.conf from the root for that 
> subdir.

Thanks for suggestion.

But local.conf in /error/ dir dont have any effect
see following not found pages
  http://links.mozdev.org/weblinks/aa.htm comes with out branding
  http://links.mozdev.org/weblinks/aa/aa.htm with branding
this is because as 
dont exist, it takes local.conf of project / dir

what we may want to do is a project.conf file at / dir
separate local.conf file for any dir (including /) 
which want a different configuration

As a current solution in local.conf of project / dir
I could write a php "if" statement to check "PAGE" variable.
and then set branding ON/OFF


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