[Project_owners] status report for NeedleSearch 2.2

Eelco van Kuik moz-needlesearch at planet.nl
Sun Sep 21 17:54:37 EDT 2003

Hi David.

I just release NeedleSearch version 2.2. Here is something for the

The NeedleSearch project release version 2.2. This project lets you
bookmark search engines without
downloading a plugin! Just tell the toolbar which searchengine you want
to bookmark and it will be
added automatically. After you have added all the search engines you
wish, you can immediately use them by typing
your search terms in the textfield on the toolbar.
And this comes with lots of handy search features like: "highlight in
page" and "search in page". A must install
for all Mozilla users who use search engines.

The main new feature in this release is "Multifield Search". This means
that you can now use
more fields in your search than just one. This is useful if you want to
use it for i.e. a phone directory.
Just type: Johnson;New York and the NeedleSearch Toolbar will launch the
requested search.

The previous version included context entries too. With these, you can
select text on a webpage
and use the context menu to launch a new search.

New locales have been added too, NeedleSearch is now available in 11

Unix users will be pleased to know that the install script has been
rewritten from the ground upwards. It now 
sets all the right permissions during install.

Thanks in advance.


Eelco van Kuik

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