[Project_owners] MAD Mission

massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Wed Sep 17 23:31:42 EDT 2003

  Does anyone know of the GTK toolkit? It stands for 'The Gimp Toolkit'. 
It has grown up to be a damn good toolkit, qt lovers aside, and was 
started for the toolkit for use in a graphics program. At some point the 
toolkit eclipsed it's intended purpose. Could you imagine the GTK being 
simply for the use of the gimp? There would be no Gnome.

Mozilla is at this point. Somehow the mozilla.org does not seem to see 
this, at least not completely. The mozilla.org folks use this toolkit, 
MAD developers use this toolkit. This _one_ toolkit should be stabelized 
and improved. It should be robust. A focus should be on an improving, 
stable, documented toolkit. The next big thing for mozilla should be the 
GRE not the little birds that imitate the look and feel of free 
proprietary, commodity closed source end user products, not to diminish 
the importance of those birds and dinosours. But how less important is 
the mozilla app running in the dentists office or pos system that has 
nothing to do with 'browsing the web'?

Whether mozilla survives depends on the choices that mozilla.org makes 
now. Treating the toolkit as for the sole purpose of creating a mozilla 
browser , whatever it's incarnation, means death for the dinosour. What 
has come out of the mozilla 'project' is a toolkit, a platform that has 
eclipsed it's intended purpose.

That 's my rant. Now my question.

What can be done to help push 'mozilla the platform' in the right 
direction? What can mozdev the community do to help? How can this _one_ 
toolkit become the focus and advanced?

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