[Project_owners] A MozDev Mission Statement?

Tim Stebbing tim.stebbing at nunatak.com.au
Wed Sep 17 11:54:07 EDT 2003

In regard to the state of pyxpcom, the pages at pyxpcom.mozdev.org are 
templates I put up awaiting content to be moved from the old site:


Its just a matter of me getting some spare time to move it.

The source is part of the mozilla trunk, and is available in the latest
source tarballs for mozilla and firebird, thanks to the project owner 
Mark Hammond.

MADBird sounds great, but its a build, not a fork, and from Firebird, 
not seamonkey.

We should start the build as a Mozdev project, madbird.mozdev.org, and 
every other project owner should have some buy-in. Build it and they 
will come ;)


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