[Project_owners] Clarification for a SeaMonkey User

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Tue Sep 16 11:04:17 EDT 2003

Pete Collins wrote:

>> Sorry Pete, but I think one essential thing to keep Mozilla afloat 
>> will be tolerance-to-frustration. 
> Axel, I have to disagree. With strong leadership, determination, a 
> clear vison, common sense, adhering to the laws of simplicity, and the 
> right attitude, anyting can be accomplished.
> What, no other large open source projects faced these kinds of 
> problems before?
> Projects, succeed w/ leadership. Leadership is all about listening, 
> organizing, prioritizing, making decisions and then following through.
> All the polorization we see if from lack of leadership.
> --pete
Sure, this may be true, but I really think we have a good example of 
that in the Mozilla project at the moment.
Actually I think the key factors in leadership are taking initiative and 
being able to inspire people towards something.
So listening isn't neccessarily so that you can get the direction from 
other people, but so you can hear what they think.
The great thing about Open Source is, if you don't like the direction 
the leaders are taking (which is what this seems to imply) you can take 
initiative, inspire people to work in a certain direction, and off you go!


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