[Project_owners] Clarification for a SeaMonkey User

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Tue Sep 16 10:56:37 EDT 2003

Tim Stebbing wrote:

> Fabio Serra wrote:
> <snip>
>> Now XPFE is so close to be the perfect toolkit to develop web based 
>> applications. Everyday a lot of web developers are fighting with 
>> DHTML to make web browser applications similar to the desktop one 
>> because customers ask for complex applications that can be loaded 
>> from a browser and that can run remotely.
> I have to agree, I'm currently developing client-server web-based 
> applications in XUL that 12 months ago I would have been struggling to 
> implement in plain html and DHTML.
> Web developers will flock to mozilla because it provides a single 
> target for writing web-based applications. People are sick of checking 
> their apps in IE, Netscape, Konqueror etc etc, along with the amount 
> of browser specific JS that they write its a nightmare that people 
> take for granted.
> I'm using python and the twistedmatrix.com framework to serve dynamic 
> XUL, and will be serving RDF through it using RDFlib for python. 
> Developers want to integrate their language of choice into mozilla.
> What would entice more web developers to mozilla (and shouldn't be 
> extremely difficult to implement) is better XPCOM support for 
> languages like python, perl, php etc. as well as scripting UI in those 
> languages.
> There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to call client-side 
> python/perl functions from onClick. This sort of advance would see
> mozilla as the primary platform for rich web apps within a couple of 
> years, easy.
> I discussed this sort of integration a week ago on #mozilla and 
> developers there seemed to like the idea.

Absolutely, I think this is a great idea (particularly for Python). 
Please keep us informed if there are any efforts towards this (or bug 
numbers to follow to track the progress)


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