[Project_owners] Clarification for a SeaMonkey User

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Mon Sep 15 13:08:04 EDT 2003

David Fraser <davidf at sjsoft.com> wrote:
>Pete Collins wrote:
>>> The aim is to make these smaller.
>> One way to make them smaller is to release them as XPI packages on top 
>>> Maybe not you, but many many people didn't want the bloat. They 
>>> didn't want Composer, Chatzilla ... and all the other extras.
>> Brian, I did the math. 18.7 M (Firebird/Thunderbird) to 15M Mozilla 
>> App/Bloat Suite. These are compressed not extracted footprint numbers :-)
>> Now we have everything as a "stand alone" distro which is *increasing" 
>> the bloat not reducing it.
>That's just because it is still a work in progress. Also in the future a 
>shared GRE will reduce this further.
>There could easily be a release that includes both Firebird and 
>thunderbird as standalone apps, but sharing the same GRE, which would be 
>smaller than the current 15M

1) isn't mozilla still undergoing modifications or what? Why do people still think mozilla's suit can't be improved in the same amount of time? Why not remove the bloat from the suit as well? 

2) add the missing parts to mozillaFirebird and see how it slows down!
Not to mention the download time/size!

3) what about the missing prefs and menu items? I can't live with a crappy stripped down browser UI.

4) what number of extensions would I need to install to get something similar to the suit?

And finally, mozilla nor mozillaFirebird or anything else made of mozilla  will EVER be the number one browser app/suit for the general Joe user. 

Mozilla is just another freaks/geeks browser product, that's all it is and that's all it will be, or dead. Remember, AOL dumped 50 people because of this fact! I feel sorry for the new Mozilla Foundation because they will be next.


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