[Project_owners] MS Office and Seamonkey

Fernando Cassia fcassia at netscape.net
Mon Sep 15 13:43:18 EDT 2003

Add me to the list of people who are totally pissed off by the 
de-integration of the Mozilla Browser Suite into separate applications.

I've exchanged mails with dozens of users, and I think I can come up 
with a very long list of users that have shared my feelings.

I was pissed too, when Sun decided to split the integrated "StarOffice" 
as in 5.2 into "separate applications", just "because Microsoft does it".

In Mozilla 1.4/Netscape 7.1, I love right clicking on an email address 
and adding that address to the address book. I love on Netscape Mail 
being able to see the aim icon/status next to an @aol.com /@netscape.net 
email address.
I love being able to select "Edit Page" from Navigator to have the page 
instantly load in Composer.

But of course, a select group "loves" to destroy all that integration, 
in the name of "simplicity"....


mozilla at clav.me.uk wrote:

> John Dobbins wrote:
> Office is not integrated to anything like the extent that Seamonkey 
> is.  For example:
> - Apps do not have a Window menu listing windows from the other apps.
> - Each app has its own Options window, rather than the all-in-one-mess 
> that seamonkey has
> - There are no equivalents to such ridiculous things as New > Address 
> Book Card being shown in *Navigator*
> - Exit does not exit all the seperate office apps.  It will exit all 
> the seemingly seperate seamonkey components.
> In fact, the only integration in MS Office that I can see is things 
> like inline editing of an excel spreadsheet embedded in a Word 
> document.  And the sum total of all UI used by that is double clicking 
> on the embedded object.  And there's the office clipboard of course, 
> though that grabs anything stuff you copy to the clipboard from *any* 
> app, not just Office ones, so is more of a system utility.
> And that list can double as my reasons for wanting to use 
> Firebird+Thunderbird rather than Seamonkey.  As well as:
> -  the entire Navigator Tools menu, the only two items on which I used 
> more than about 2 times ever -- DOM Inspector and JS Console -- are 
> buried on a submenu!
> -  an actually useful bookmarks toolbar where you can middle click 
> things, and where the context menu actually works for submenus as well 
> as jsut on the toolbar itself.  (and other not immediately obvious 
> things like this).
> -  not having to add stuff to userChrome.css to kill the awful toolbar 
> grippies.  (In firebird should you want to quickly turn off a toolbar 
> you would simply righ click on it and untick it in the context menu, 
> in recent nightlies at least.)
> -  extension developement is a lot easier when not hunting through 200 
> overlay files, many of them dynamic, to find a specific part of the UI 
> I want to change.
> -  the horribly ugly 16 colour theme in seamonkey, and the lack of 
> decent alternatives.  i'm not a great fan of the friebird default 
> either, but it's better.   (the thunderbird theme is very nice imo)
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