[Project_owners] MozFirebird xpi problem

Erwan Loisant erwan at loisant.org
Sun Sep 14 20:06:32 EDT 2003


To stick with the problem of the 1000 browsers from Mozilla, and porting apps... I'm trying to write a simple XPI for Firebird, but it seems to be quite different from SeaMonkey.

I had a look inside a few Firebird extensions and wrote a minimalistic xpi. The problem is it won't install: I get a "Chrome Registration Error" when installing it. This is not a very precise error mistake, I'm wondering what is wrong. Maybe the chrome.rdf, however it is almost copy/paste from useragentchanger extension. Did anyone had this problem before ?

Thank you by advance.

Error message from install.log:
http://jadawin.free.fr/rikaibar.xpi  --  09/15/2003 01:55:08
    Rikai Bar (version 0.1)
    [1/2]      Installing: /home/erwan/.phoenix/default/whrb04yt.slt/chrome/rikaibar.jar
    [2/2]      Register Content: jar:file:///home/erwan/.phoenix/default/whrb04yt.slt/chrome/rikaibar.jar!/content/rikaibar/
    Install **FAILED** with error -239  --  09/15/2003 01:55:10

Installation page:


Université de Nantes, http://www.univ-nantes.fr

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