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Perry Smit perry at moreresults.nl
Thu Sep 11 09:04:41 EDT 2003

I don=B4t think process_instantiator.js will help men

A mean a script like this (out of perl) which I want run on moz.

use strict;
use Win32::OLE;
my @PhoneProperties =3D =
my $outlook; $outlook =3D Win32::OLE->new('Outlook.Application');
my $activeexplorer;$activeexplorer =3D $outlook->ActiveExplorer;

my $items =3D $activeexplorer->CurrentFolder->Items;
#print $items->Count,"\n";
my $linenumber =3D 1;

my $Kontakt;my $PhoneProp;my $ItemIndex =3D 1;
    #while ($ItemIndex <=3D $items->Count) {
    $Kontakt =3D $items->item(4);
        foreach $PhoneProp (@PhoneProperties) {
        my $KontaktItem =3D $Kontakt->{"$PhoneProp"};
        print "$PhoneProp:$KontaktItem\n";
       # };


> Could somebody pointer me to some javascript examples which will read and =
write to Outlook (express) for example?
> Indeed this moment I talk by Perl between Mozilla and Outlook. Using =
Javascript could be me more efficient.
> But can=B4t find some examples where I could start with,
>What do you mean by read/write to Outlook?

>From JS Console standpoint you can launch an application with the=20
following script:

const PROGRAM =3D '/path/to/outlook.exe';
const PROGRAM_ARGS =3D []; //put any Outlook arguments in this Array
const RUNNING =3D false;
var IOProcess =3D new IO_file_processInstantiator();
IOProcess.setProcess(RUNNING, PROGRAM_ARGS);

Do this script answer to your needs? <

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