[Project_owners] Perl Wizard

Perry Smit perry at moreresults.nl
Wed Sep 10 09:13:36 EDT 2003

Could somebody pointer me to some javascript examples which will read and write =
to Outlook (express) for example?

Indeed this moment I talk by Perl between Mozilla and Outlook. Using Javascript =
could be me more efficient.

But can=B4t find some examples where I could start with,

Thanks, Perry

> Have a look at JS Console, which probably do for JavaScript what you=20
want to do with Perl.
It' not a wizard however but has a multi-panel layout.

Actually, the Code panel could be use to write any kind of code and=20
instead of calling a JavaScript function eval() to interpret the content=20
of the code panel, it could be any other function to evaluate a Perl code.

JS Console comes with a handy load/save commands to have persistent code=20
as well as a code snippet store functionality, implemented with RDF.
Maybe even the JavaScipt Unit testing panel could be adapted to become a=20
Perl Unit testing...

If you think this could be a workable framework for you, I'll be glad to=20
colaborate and realise a kind of Perl Console Mozilla/Firebird extension=20
or even a multi script Console (why not Python after all...).


Daniel <

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