[Project_owners] Overlay to add column to grid?

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Tue Sep 9 11:28:51 EDT 2003

> The problem is, I'm trying to do it in a xul file - not from JS. In my 
> overlay xul file, I want to specify that this new column goes after the 
> existing columns in the grid. For menu items, this would be 
> straightforward - <menuitem id="foo" insertafter="bar">..</menuitem>, 
> but for <column>, this doesn't seem to work.

Ah, ok. Did you try insertBefore just for giggles?

insertAfter and insertBefore should work for any xul element.

You might not be able to see a newly added column w/out it's 
corresponding <row> element.


Pete Collins

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