[Project_owners] Overlay to add column to grid?

Erwin Wessels erwin at transpontine.com
Tue Sep 9 16:59:15 EDT 2003

Pete Collins wrote:

> Erwin Wessels wrote:
>> Does anybody know how to add a column to a grid in an overlay? 
> Being in an overlay doesn't matter, once the overlay is loaded and 
> inserted into the doc, it is all part of the same DOM tree.
>> I tried the straight forward ways (insertafter and position) but it 
>> doesn't seem to work. Any clues?
> You should be able to use createElement and then insertBefore or 
> insertAfter.
> Maybe these docs can help:
> http://books.mozdev.org/html/mozilla-chp-5-sect-2.html#mozilla-CHP-5-SECT-2.3.5 

Hi Pete,

The problem is, I'm trying to do it in a xul file - not from JS. In my 
overlay xul file, I want to specify that this new column goes after the 
existing columns in the grid. For menu items, this would be 
straightforward - <menuitem id="foo" insertafter="bar">..</menuitem>, 
but for <column>, this doesn't seem to work.



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