[Project_owners] How to delete the user note

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Tue Sep 2 13:03:56 EDT 2003

Raj Saini wrote:

> I have a edit.html directory in /jsbeep/www/protected directory. Is this 
> file the same as template file? I tried to check out the edit.html from 
> templates but the access to files is denied. I tried it both with my 
> project owner user id as well as quest user.

Yes, it should be the same.

As for not being able to check out from templates, thats strange. Chris, 
has guest access been turned off here?

> When I open the url http://jsbeep.mozdev.org/protected/edit.html, I got 
> successfully authenticated and got the following error
> Listing */usr/local/sandbox/annotate/jsbeep/notes.html.comment*
> oops, no such file !
> Any clue ? Am I doing some thing wrong?

You'll have to tweak your copy of edit.html. Make sure the $file var is 
pointing to the right place.

Brian King

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