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Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Wed Oct 29 10:46:28 EST 2003

> <politics>
> And querying a public webserver is hardly terrorism. Nobody died here. I 
> don't want to be hunted and tortured and locked away without trial by 
> the US just because I asked for too many public files.
> </politics>


A German/EU perspective I guess.  :)

I keep forgeting how *evil* the US is.  I heard a great quote recently. 
It went something like this:

   "There are plenty of tough bad guys around. The problem is there are 
not enough tough good guys".

It is fasionable to hate the big mean US these days. We are such 
"infidels, invaders, capitalists, war mongerers". If we can all just 
light a candle, hold hands and sing "give peace a chance", all that is 
wrong w/ the world would quietly dissipate and there would be an end to 


Pete Collins

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