[Project_owners] Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on 10/27/03

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 07:17:55 EST 2003

Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on 10/27/03
(pete, david, cdn, brian)

Site Performance

- The site has been unresponsive lately
- There has been an increase in traffic but it's not clear if that's
the sole cause (maybe a DOS attack?)
- We've ordered an extra gig of memory to add to server and we'll see
if that helps
- Eventually we'll need to start moving services (bugzilla, lxr, etc)
onto dedicated boxes -- maybe soon if the extra memory doesn't help

Non Profit

- We've been looking for a lawyer who is familiar with incorporating
online communities and we think we've found one
- We'll have the lawyer review our incorporation papers and then start
to help us with tax exemption paperwork

Web Site

- There's a bug on the home page that's causing some blank space to
show up for some users
- cdn is looking into it

User Notes

- cdn proposed a change to the way profanity filtering is handled --
blocking the message instead of just removing the profanity

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