[Project_owners] Finding ImapPassword [OT]

azrael at azrael-uk.f2s.com azrael at azrael-uk.f2s.com
Mon Oct 27 09:30:59 EST 2003

Quoting "\"Håvar I. Henriksen\"" <havar at henriksen.nu>:

> On 29.09.2003 01:40, Azrael wrote:
> > Could someone contact me off list if they know how to transfer an 
> > ImapPassword from a mozilla mail profile to a thunderbird profile.
> > Have managed to move the folders etc, but forgotten my password.. very 
> > annoying/embarrassing!!
> If you still haven't found your password, I have made a PHP script that 
> could decode the somenumber.s files.
> Contact me if you still need it...

Thank you for the offer, but someone else gave me the assistance I require.
For those interested, I was given a chunk of code which I added to the quicknote
project (quicknote was chosen randomly), so that now when I launch quicknote I
am prompted for my master password, which when given causes ALL my passwords to
be dumped into the quicknote window. It was very helpful, I was (and still am)
very grateful, and the problem is no more.

Everyone should have http://www.freedom2surf.net/ 

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