[Project_owners] mozilla mail/thunderbird search bar question

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Fri Oct 17 20:32:56 EDT 2003

Mike Krieger wrote:

> I'm the admin of the addressContext project, been lurking on this list 
> so far. The next feature I'm adding to addressContext is the ability 
> to display only messages from a particular message's sender. To this 
> end, I've been working with the existing code in searchBar.js and 
> trying to invoke a search without using the searchInput text entry 
> field. Unfortunately I've had no luck so far, and I seem to have run 
> against a brick wall. Basically, I've taken functionality from the 
> QuickSearch bar and applied it to a situation where the Sender or 
> Recipient email is supplied beforehand, but currently, when the search 
> is run, the thread pane window is not affected. If anyone who's taken 
> a look at this sort of thing in Mozilla Mail/Thunderbird could have a 
> look at what I have so far, and provide any sort of advice, I'd much 
> appreciate it:

Mozilla (via Netscape 7) already has a similar feature, I believe it was 
added so that you could link from the AOL buddy list. Search lxr for 
gSearchEmailAddress to find out how it was done.

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