[Project_owners] Manually adding things to the undo pile

mark bokil mbokil at bokil.com
Tue Oct 14 13:35:26 EDT 2003

>> This is my experience also. If you change your textbox value it will 
>> automatically wipe the undo pile. I would be interested if you come up 
>> with a way to prevent this.
>> -mark
> If you change the value of a textbox via a script, it shouldn't be 
> undoable since there isn't any user text to go back to. The change made 
> by the script certainly shouldn't be undoable. If it was, I could 
> imagine all sorts of breakage as users undo things they shouldn't.
> / Neil

Say I have a script that adds comment marks to the front of a line. I 
would need to add this change to the undo pile so that an undo would 
cause the line to revert to their uncommented state. How do you insert 
items into the undo pile?


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