[Project_owners] Manually adding things to the undo pile

Neil Deakin enndeakin at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 14 12:57:16 EDT 2003

mark bokil wrote:

> David Murray wrote:
>> I've got a textbox, all nice and happy, as textboxes usually are. 
>> Undo/Redo works fine on it. However, I've got it so that if you press 
>> Ctrl+B, it calls a function that adds <b></b> tags around whatever 
>> text is selected. It works all fine, except as soon as the function 
>> runs, it clears out all the undo memory. It seems that settling 
>> textbox.value wipes resets the undo pile.
> This is my experience also. If you change your textbox value it will 
> automatically wipe the undo pile. I would be interested if you come up 
> with a way to prevent this.
> -mark
If you change the value of a textbox via a script, it shouldn't be 
undoable since there isn't any user text to go back to. The change made 
by the script certainly shouldn't be undoable. If it was, I could 
imagine all sorts of breakage as users undo things they shouldn't.

/ Neil

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