[Project_owners] Manually adding things to the undo pile

Eelco van Kuik tomcat-user at planet.nl
Tue Oct 14 12:41:38 EDT 2003

> Yes, but if the XUL application has focus or is in its own 
> window, then 
> Ctrl+B can be for anything. It still works for bookmarks when 
> everything 
> other than the app has focus.

Ok, just wanted to warn you.

About the transaction: maybe you didn't set the flavour right of the 
transaction? And it tries to get out the wrong one? i.e. text/html
of text/txt? I am just guessing.

Drag & drop uses the transaction manager as well, a working d&d example 
that uses the Transaction manager is at: 


Or if you want to see the Transaction manager in action by Mozilla
just type chrome://global/content/nsTransferable.js in the address

Hope this helps.


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