[Project_owners] Manually adding things to the undo pile

David Murray lid2000 at tpg.com.au
Tue Oct 14 20:24:49 EDT 2003

Eelco van Kuik wrote:

>Maybe this isn't important for the purpose you are using Mozilla,
>but Ctrl+B is already assigned to opening the Bookmark Manager in
>the (English) Mozilla browser.
Yes, but if the XUL application has focus or is in its own window, then 
Ctrl+B can be for anything. It still works for bookmarks when everything 
other than the app has focus.

>I don't know what you are using this for, but if you are working 
>with HTML formatted text on websites or in Mozilla, 
>maybe this link will be useful for you as well: 
That looks more or less the same as Mozilla's Midas control ( 
http://www.mozilla.org/editor/midasdemo/ ), except it only works in 
Internet Explorer. Thanks for the reply anyway.

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