[Project_owners] mozilla mail/thunderbird search bar question

Mike Krieger mikeweezer at interair.com.br
Mon Oct 13 02:53:45 EDT 2003

hey everyone,

I'm the admin of the addressContext project, been lurking on this list
so far. The next feature I'm adding to addressContext is the ability to
display only messages from a particular message's sender. To this end,
I've been working with the existing code in searchBar.js and trying to 
invoke a search without using the searchInput text entry field. 
Unfortunately I've had no luck so far, and I seem to have run against a 
brick wall. Basically, I've taken functionality from the QuickSearch bar 
and applied it to a situation where the Sender or Recipient email is 
supplied beforehand, but currently, when the search is run, the thread 
pane window is not affected. If anyone who's taken a look at this sort 
of thing in Mozilla Mail/Thunderbird could have a look at what I have so 
far, and provide any sort of advice, I'd much appreciate it:


sorry if the long link messes up anything.

Thanks in advance,
Mike K

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