[Project_owners] dragging and being dropped

Eelco van Kuik tomcat-user at planet.nl
Fri Oct 10 16:23:30 EDT 2003

Hi Erwin,

Thanks for the QuickReply 


> Looking at 
> http://www.xulplanet.com/tutorials/xultu/dragdrop.html (and 
> following pages) will probably help you further.
> I'm not quite sure I understand your question fully, though... On the 
> one hand you seem to be looking for ondragdrop, but then you say you 
> need something else. One thing I can say: apart from ondraggesture, 
> ondragdrop and ondragexit, you also have ondragenter and 
> ondragover. To 
> quote from above page:
>     *
>       ondragover
>       This event handler is called for an element when something is
>       being dragged over top of it. If the object can be 
> dropped on the
>       element, the drag session should be notified.
>     *
>       ondragenter
>       Called for an element when the mouse pointer first 
> moves over the
>       element while something is being dragged. This might be used to
>       change the appearance of the element to indicate to the 
> user that
>       the object can be dropped on it.
> Good luck,
> Erwin

There are 2 things that I am trying to separate:

1. the item being dragged and dropped (the drag & drop item), and
2. the item being dropped upon (the dropzone)

Now, the dropzone can be lost of things in an HTML form, so I would
like to know where the d&d-item is dropped upon FROM the d&d-item. But
I can't even get it to tell that has just been dropped!

So this DOESN'T work for me:

<label ondragdrop="alert('I am being dropped')"

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