[Project_owners] Solution to new SPAM tactic

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Thu Oct 9 09:23:33 EDT 2003

Brian Bober wrote:
> If you agree to do it in perl, I'd be willing to work on such a system with you
> (at least the non-server part) since I'm going to do something similiar on my
> own mail server.
> For regular browsers, a generated image should do the trick. To speed things
> up, we could pre-generate maybe 100, and then not give anything identifying
> that spam bots could pick up.
> The only thing that we need to think about is how we'll do this for text-only
> browsers. Perhaps if its text-only, we can give them some random characters,
> and then a command to perform on them -
> "A.BGE.RH - Take the letter(s) before the first period and swap them with the
> ones after the last period, then remove the periods."
> and have a bunch of different commands we ask them to perform. This will also
> be there in order to register. If you are unregistered, you will have to do
> this before you send anything to postmaster or do notes and your ip will be
> logged and shown on the page as a deterrent.

Brian, I have about negative hours I can devote to this. So "pretty 
please w/ sugar on top", we sure can use you help. :)



Pete Collins

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