[Project_owners] New Spam tactic

John Dobbins john at brandxcomputers.com
Tue Oct 7 00:49:17 EDT 2003

Jay Garcia wrote:

>Send a report to the abuse at TheISP address and if the ISP has an AUP
>specifically stating that spamming is against policy, then the ISP may
>terminate the connection.
>Finding out who is responsible can be rather difficult and may require a
>court order to do so because of privacy restrictions on the part of the
>ISP. Let the ISP deal with it.
Spammers grab an account expecting it to be cancled in a day or two, so 
reporting it just nabs ametaurs.

These are pros working for one of the sites that promise to raise your 
ranking in google. They do it by having lots of pages that link to thier 
customers sites. Cancel thier account and they will have another one 

John Dobbins.

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