[Project_owners] New Spam tactic

Mirzmaster mirzmaster at rogers.com
Tue Oct 7 00:05:54 EDT 2003

This is ridiculous... there must be a way to combat these individuals.

I recall from the previous thread on this spam issue that the 
individual(s) responsible for the spamming are doing it over a dialup 
connection... well surely there must be a way to track that person down 
through their ISP.  What are the laws governing spam?  Shouldnt' it be 
as simple as to report to the ISP of the spammer that the spammer had a 
particular IP at a particular period in time during which they 
intentionally spammed Mozdev projects, and have the ISP deal with that 
client without revealing their personal information?  I am being too 
naive about it?  :S

Sohail Mirza
Owner, vCard Project

On 06/10/2003 10:54 PM, mark bokil wrote:

> That is just plain evil. Who would ever respond to a company that did 
> that.
> -mark
> Pete Collins wrote:
>> They are utterly relentless.
>> There is a new spam tactic I just saw today.
>> Spammers are sending spam to:
>>   $project-owner at mozdev.org
>> This is the mailman alias for the mailman list owner. There is just 
>> no end to what they will do to send you spam.
>> --pete
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