[Project_owners] Download weirdness

Erwin Wessels erwin at transpontine.com
Mon Oct 6 18:49:19 EDT 2003


Recently I'm getting some user feedback about downloading not working; 
today I checked again and now experienced it myself. Please let me know 
if I'm going crazy or if somebody else is experiencing this as well. I 
tried searching BugZilla, but couldn't find anything about this...

Here's what I did:
I first clicked on a link to download the latest QuickReply extension, 
I got an error message saying that the file could not be found.
I then went to http://downloads.mozdev.org/
That worked.
I navigated to the sub directory quickreply
Worked, too.
I tried to go to http://downloads.mozdev.org/quickreply/
That worked, too.
Then I tried the link again - and it worked.
Some time later, I tried the link again - it didn't work.

Having checked stuff some more, it appeared that downloads.mozdev.org 
resolved to different mirrors (about) every time I tried, and some 
plainly didn't work (i.e. no network connection), or gave Internal 
Server Errors (like the 

Anyway, as it is, this is causing people to not be able to download the 
extension successfully... I might have to put the downloads somewhere 
else, and link to it.



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