[Project_owners] FOSDEM 2004

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Mon Oct 6 18:42:00 EDT 2003

Brian King wrote:

> Tim Broddin wrote:
>> Will the Mozilla Project be at FOSDEM 2004 like they did last year? If 
>> there are plans to organize a Mozilla day/weekend like they did last 
>> year and there are still spots in the time schedule, I'm willing to do 
>> a talk on XUL Channels.
> There has been talk of going again this year over on the eu list. But no 
> definite commitments have been made yet, and the organisational wheels 
> have not started turning.

Hi Tim et al.

I have volunteered to do at least the initial part of organizing the 
FOSDEM 2004 event. I prolly won't announce anything official until the 
FOSDEM pages are updated, which lags a bit due to Raph being on vacation 
and stuff.
For all those that are curious, FOSDEM 2004 will be 21 and 22 feb 2004.


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