[Project_owners] Yikes, I'm stuck. I need some help ;)

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Sun Oct 5 23:30:24 EDT 2003

HJ wrote:

>Yikes, I'm stuck.
>I need a bit of help with a tree/RDF problem. 
>How do I get the value of |about| aka the |urn:blabla| part of this:
><RDF:Description about="urn:blabla"
>      nc:label="some label here"
>      nc:url="and some url here"/>
>after clicking on the corresponding tree row?
If this is a dont-build-content tree, then 
If this is a normal content template, then 

If you desire compatibility with older versions of Mozilla, then use 
.builderView or .contentView appropriately.

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