[Project_owners] FYI: XMLHttpRequest issue in TB

"Håvar I. Henriksen" havar at henriksen.nu
Mon Oct 6 00:01:57 EDT 2003

On 05.10.2003 20:10, Biju G C wrote:

>Bug: XMLHttpRequest issue in TB
>I filed a bug report for XMLHttpRequest issues in TB (bug 221297)
>(If resolved, QuickManager can directly use database.mozdev.org xmls)
>Screenshots: http://quickmanager.mozdev.org/screenshots.html
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It's a well known "problem" in Thunderbired, because standard Mozilla 
Thunderbird has been compiled without that function.
 From an earlier post on the mozdev.org mailing list:
It depends on how Thunderbird is compiled.


If it wasn't compiled w/ that flag, then no XMLHttpRequest

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