[Project_owners] Uninstall - file delete

Karsten Düsterloh mnenhy at tprac.de
Sat Oct 4 17:08:56 EDT 2003

Pete Collins aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
>> What attribute of the window I got from nsIWindowMediator shall I test?
> /projectname/.test(domWindow.location)
> You are testing the windows location for the target projectname you want 
> to uninstall.

Ah, so this is just to close windows whose source lies within the scope
of an addon. And I wondered how this test should help in identifying
windows who have overlays from this addon (eg. messenger.xul is being
overlayed by Mnenhy): it can't.

> If there are UI overlay hooks in the browser, then the browser needs to 
> be shut down as well, leaving only the uninstall window running.  This 
> actuallly seems like the best  way to go.

Then my troubles in understanding are gone. I had thought you'd know a
way of telling which overlays a window has, just by querying some of its

> So, uninstall can even have a UI menu overly hook as well, but when 
> clicked, the uninstall sheild/dialog is launched, closing *all* windows 
> accept itself and then proceed w/ the uninstalling of the target package.

Actually, an invisible window with a data URI should be able to do that,
I guess - a small loop over an array of paths, deleting them...

I'll have a try.



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