[Project_owners] Notes without a form?

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Sat Oct 4 16:04:16 EDT 2003

On Saturday 04 Oct 2003 13:54, Ricky wrote:
> Hello all,
> Sorry if I missed anything, I'm in the army now and have little time to
> read the mailing lists.
> On my project, mycroft, we have quite some pages with user notes
> enabled. Somebody noticed that the form now has disappeared. Since we
> were including NOTES instead of the new NOTES2, I thought I just should
> add the 2 and then everything would be back to normal.
> But obivously this wasn't it. If I use NOTES2 instead of NOTES, nothing
> (neither form nor notes) are being displayed. So I switched back to
> NOTES, so that the notes can be read anyways.
> Questions:
> 1) why did the form disappear? because of combatting spam?


> 2) how to migrate from NOTES to NOTES2 without losing all the previously
> posted notes?

not without difficulty

NOTES stores table html

NOTES2 stores definition list html

they are not interchangeable

NOTES2 is not backwards compatible

> Thanks a lot for your answers.
> ricky




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