[Project_owners] alert,new type of smart spammers ? - maybe ...

marius popa mapopa at reea.net
Mon Nov 24 11:16:30 EST 2003

from my response to svmcoranto at hotmail.com (doh hotmail!!)

Re: Would you allow me to take over your project?
SVM Coranto wrote:

 > I noticed that your project dreamzilla was in the abandend projects 
list and was wondering if you would allow me to take over that project.

ME: nop , have a logo for it now

 > I have a great interest in WYSIWYG editors in HTML/JS and was hoping 
I could continue the project and try to make a completed program out of it.
 > Please respond ASAP.

PS:maybe i'm too paranoid , but this is what was thinking when got that 

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