[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 17 November, 2003)

Thierry Raguin t.raguin at netunion.com
Thu Nov 20 17:08:55 EST 2003

Here is an update for the HON project:

The HON plugins project (http://hon.mozdev.org) provides plugins 
reinforcing trustworthiness in the medical space through the Code of 
Conduct for health sites (HONcode) established by the Health On the Net 
HONcode Status v1.1 and HONlookup v1.1 have been released. These new 
releases include slight changes in the display and some improvements in 
the algorithm of HONcode Status.
The HONcodeHunt Sherlock plugin has also been updated on Mycroft 
Installation page: http://hon.mozdev.org/installation.html

Brian King wrote:

> It's that time again, so so if you have anything for me
> about your project please post it.
> Currently I have updates for:
> - books
> - mozmanual
> - mozquery
> - searchsidebar
> Some things to look out for / requests:
> 1) Please try and post your reports to the list, for archiving 
> purposes and to keep everyone informed. I'll pick up on it.
> 2) Please provide a brief 1-sentence description of your project
> 3) Include current release version if applicable
> 4) Provide a URL to your install page
> 5) ...<anything else relevant you can think of>
> I'm going to change the format of the reports a little bit to try and 
> increase traffic to the projects.
> Thanks,

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