[Project_owners] Re: Using the download mirrors

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 06:31:59 EST 2003

> Who's the owner of/pays for that mirrow network? 

as ben said, the mirrors are provided by different organizations who
are donating their servers and bandwidth.  you can see a list of some
of the 
organizations at http://www.mozdev.org/supporters.html.

the mirrors save us money since we do not pay for the bandwidth used. 
we're happy to see the site grow and expand, but we want to keep costs
as low as we can and using the mirrors allows us to do that.  

we just recently heard from our hosting provider that our bandwidth
usage has increased beyond our original contracted usage, so our rate
is going from $250/month to $319/month.  we have the donation money and
are happy to pay the new rate, but i'd rather pay $319 than $500 a
month ;-)

the other good news about this is that once we start paying the new
rate the site performance should improve.  things have been a little
sluggish lately and that is due in part to us hitting our maximum
bandwidth limits that we received at our old rate.

> What are you saying here? Are you planning to remove all XPI files
> from CVS trees? Even if they are not used for downloads? I use these
> XPI files as a reference and would like to be informed if anything
> drastic like this, is going to effect me.

no.  our policy is to keep an eye on what's being served off of the
main site.  if we see a file, like an .xpi file, that's taking up a
disproportionate amount of bandwidth we'll contact that project owner
and ask them to move the files.

i understand that using the mirrors can be a bit of a hassle, so we
appreciate everyone's cooperation with our effort to keep the site
responsive and to keep our costs low.


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