[Project_owners] Re: Using the download mirrors

Kevin Quiggle kquiggle at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 18 23:16:30 EST 2003

David Boswell wrote:

>In order to minimize bandwidth costs for our main server we are
>requesting that all project owners serve all download files from our
>mirror network.  This includes xpi, zip, tar, jar, pdf and other files
>intended for users to download from your project's site.
>To learn more about how to place files on the network and how to access
>them once they are there, take a look at our Posting Files to the
>Download Mirrors documentation at
>If you read through this and have any questions about using the
>mirrors, feel free to post your question to either the
>mirrors at mozdev.org mailing list or to feedback at mozdev.org or mail me
>back directly.
>Once you have moved your files to the mirrors, let us know and we will
>remove the files from the main server.  Doing this will help us keep
>the site responsive and keep our costs as low as possible.  Thank you
>for your help with this.
The mozmanual PDF files have been moved to the mirrors.

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