[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 17 November, 2003)

Fournier Daniel dfour at noos.fr
Tue Nov 18 07:13:06 EST 2003

Hi Brian,

Here the Mozquery status report, modified to follow your request:

Mozquery 0.1

Mozquery initial release provides the 1st set of tools planed to be 
included in the project package: ASRDF, an RDF graph terse notation 
grammar and XML syntax converter, for RDF coding based on the outliner 

This release is stable but considered beta: before freezing ASRDF 
grammar and converter functionalities, we would like to integrate any 
useful suggestions from users.

Install URL: http://mozquery.mozdev.org/installation.html


Brian King wrote:
> It's that time again, so so if you have anything for me
> about your project please post it.
> Currently I have updates for:
> - books
> - mozmanual
> - mozquery
> - searchsidebar
> Some things to look out for / requests:
> 1) Please try and post your reports to the list, for archiving purposes 
> and to keep everyone informed. I'll pick up on it.
> 2) Please provide a brief 1-sentence description of your project
> 3) Include current release version if applicable
> 4) Provide a URL to your install page
> 5) ...<anything else relevant you can think of>
> I'm going to change the format of the reports a little bit to try and 
> increase traffic to the projects.
> Thanks,

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