[Project_owners] Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on 11/17/03

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 13:24:45 EST 2003

Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on 11/17/03
(pete, david, cdn, brian)

Non-profit update

- We're still looking for a technical non-profit lawyer
- David has been talking to lawyers but none of them have been very 
computer savvy

Date/Time Standards

- We have been using different date/time standards on the site (mmddyy
and ddmmyy in different places) 
- As a compromise between the two we'll try using 17nov2003, for
example, as the new standard (note: this is for the admins and isn't a
requirement for project owners)
- We also need to be better about providing better time zone
in notices, so we'll include UTC along with Eastern time

Email aliases
- We used to create aliases for any project owner who asked, but we are
suspending the creation of new aliases for the time being
- Existing aliases will remain in place
- One main reason for this is the amount of spam that gets sent to the 
- We're investigating configuing Spam Assassin to filter on the aliases
as well as the mailing lists

- cdn has been looking for a good replacement for the font that was
for the original graphics on the site
- At our next meeting we are going to focus on discussing the redesign 

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