[Project_owners] About new SPAM to mailing lists

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Sat Nov 15 19:32:08 EST 2003

bugs4hj at netscape.net (HJ) wrote:

>It seem they (the SPAMMERS) are trying new methods to fool us, just look at what I got today:
>multizilla at mozdev.org
>multizilla-owner at mozdev.org
>multizilla-request at mozdev.org
>Isn't that something? I would love to block everything that has multizilla before @ Can that be done? Would that be helpful?

Interesting detail is that I used a new/never used e-mail address to trigger the robot/script, and it worked. They seem to scan our documents for this line:

<?php $author='multizilla-owner at mozdev.org'; require(NOTES); ?>
<?php $author='multizilla-owner at mozdev.org'; require(NOTES2); ?>


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