[Project_owners] adding foreign languages to projects

Paul g-dhr.pl at sympatico.DOT.ca
Thu Nov 13 19:10:57 EST 2003

Robert J. Accettura a écrit :
> Might be neat if there were a project devoted to translation.  Rather 
> than have each individual project looking for people who can translate 
> to languate $x... why not have a project with a bunch of languages, and 
> willing people?

It's an interesting idea I'm thinking about since about one year. 
There's a lot if things to consider before starting something like that.

1- There's some extension developer that would appreciate/benefit to 
have a team of peoples to help them make they're extensions localisable.
2- There is already some localisation team that already work on the 
browser localization process. They are managed by the Mozilla 
developer aka Mozilla foundation. Should the localization of extension 
be handle by these team? They already have a lot of work!
3- We should develop a MozApp to help us extract all the localizable 
field in the XUL files and the strings in the JS files.
4- We should develop another app to handle all the translation for a 
given extension to provide a mean to have some translator that would 
not have to understand all the technologies needed to do the actual 
5- Is this project not adding confusion to the end user. Cause more 
and more sites are coming to life and are related to Mozilla. This 
project could add to the mess. To not add to the mess, this project 
should be a central point and redirect a given user to the right place.
6- Should this project handle the localisation of other things, like 
handling the localization of the mozdev.org site? Or the translation 
of the XulPlanet site or the O'Reilly Book.
7- This project should be a place to help MozApp developer understand 
how to make they're extension localizable ie use ENTITY and 
LocaleString instead of hard coded strings.

In my point of view, we should at least have some answer to these 
questions before starting this kind of project.

Waiting for your thoughts! ;-)

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