[Project_owners] adding foreign languages to projects

Paul g-dhr.pl at sympatico.DOT.ca
Thu Nov 13 09:04:25 EST 2003

HJ a écrit :
> Hi,
> What is the best way, if any, to add foreign languages to a mozilla project like MultiZilla? How can I install a 'language pack' for my projects? There must be a quick and dirty way to add a language pack, without the need to add them to your .XPI file, right?
Right. You only need to package all locale files with the install.js. 
The only problem with this technique is that the extension will stay 
in the default locale ie. en-US even if the browser is set to another 
locale. There's one technique to prevent this, switch to en-US before 
installing a locale file then switch back to the desired locale. If 
it's not done the user will have to make the correction in the 
content.rdf file in his profile/chrome folder.


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