[Project_owners] Rerun bayes database on current "left on server" spam?

Jay Garcia Jay at JayGarcia.com
Fri Nov 7 18:17:47 EST 2003

On 07.11.03 18:07, Robert J. Accettura wrote:

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> Increasing scores in general isn't a good idea.  No matter what you do, 
> your going to increase the amount of good mail getting caught (bad 
> thing).  Better idea is to use more tests (turn on DNSBL).  That way, 
> you don't get the negative effects. 

Increasing scores "in general" is correct. However, the scores that I
increase are from sampling hundreds of spam mails that affect my
clients. In "my" case, this works quite effectively. Like I said, I only
have 100+ clients, not 100's of thousands where this, of course, would
not be advisable.

> The rules are given the default values for a reason... they aren't 
> random numbers.  Not even arbitrary.  They are calculated. 

My success rate is as close to 100% as you're gonna get. Everybody's
happy !! ;-)

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