[Project_owners] Web Services Security Model

Fabio Serra mab at faser.net
Sat Nov 1 19:55:38 EST 2003

At 21.33 21/10/2003, Marcio Galli wrote:
>That security model is not the only thing in place in Mozilla, here you 
>have another related approach, which is considered an optimization to that 

Ok, this is very interesting. I like the concept that if the 
web-scripts-access.xml is not found then make a SOAP request to a
public service. My point about the actual security model is that it 
prevents Mozilla developers to consume web services, because the Mozilla 
web services security model hasn't reached yet the public web services out 
there like Amazon. At the moment to consume web services the developers are 
forced to create chrome applications. It's a pity.

>xmethods.com is using that XML file, so mozilla pages can connect with 
>xmethods.com for example this sample ( 
>) . Do you have the link to the documentation about the Macromedia model? 
>I think that information is very important for us.

Unfortunately I didn't find any other documents but the ones I previously 
pointed out.
ps: Sorry if this is considered OT.

Fabio Serra

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