[Project_owners] FYI: Mirrors Currently Running

Jacob Emcken jacob at emcken.dk
Tue Jul 29 23:42:31 EDT 2003

Pete Collins wrote:
>> Perhaps these two servers should be taken off the list until I see how 
>> often they are updated.
> I took them off the list for the time being.
> Thanks for catching this.
> Could you keep an eye on those two mirrors and let us know how long it 
> takes for them to update?
The 2 last mirrors is also updatede now

The last to sync was the ftp://mozdev.secsup.org which was just a moment 
ago. Though I have updatede the dowloads dir 30min ago and those changes 
wasn't updated it seems that there is some sort of delay.

btw why does the ftp://mozdev.secsup.org contain the downloads dir along 
with the files... it seems the files is located two places?!

-- Jacob

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