[Project_owners] &#xxx; characters showing up instead of Russian

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Mon Jul 28 22:34:38 EDT 2003

Eelco van Kuik wrote:

> Hi.
> A user of my app. translated it to Russian.
> However instead of seeing the Russian signs, he sees the &#xxx; 
> notation. (I included a screendump)
> I tested it with my Mozilla browser and that looked fine. I have 
> the same version: 1.3 only he has windows 98 and I have win xp.
> Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Just a hunch, but you may want to compare your and their prefs:


Look at all the intl* prefs.

Another option would be for them to delete their profile (or back-up if
they use mail or any other data needed), and try again.

- Brian

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