[Project_owners] Top 50 vs Virtual Host Report log

david boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 21 14:10:37 EDT 2003


> Just wondering why downloadstatusbar is in the
> Virtual Host report and not 
> the top 50 list.  Is the name too long?

afaik the top50 page is generated from analog data so
i'm not sure why there would be a difference.  i think
it would be a good idea to post some better
information on that page about how that report is
generated to clear up these sorts of questions.  

for instance, there was also a question recently
asking if the top50 page really did search back to
december 1, 2002 when it calculated results.  i don't
believe this is the case but we need to replace that
with a better description.

cdn, can you give us information about how the
rankings are generated and i'll write something better


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