[Project_owners] recreating project mailing lists

Charles Melhorn melodious at mindspring.com
Sat Jul 19 11:44:54 EDT 2003

>On Friday 18 Jul 2003 19:35, Pete Collins wrote:
>> I hooked up the old archives
>>    http://mozdev.org/mailarchives/
>> epiphany is here:
>>    http://mozdev.org/mailarchives/epiphany/
>> If anyone doesn't want their old mailing list archives made public, just
>> let me know and I'll change the permissions.
>> --pete
>can we go through and weed out the gibberish ?

I found these instructions for manually cleaning
up list archives in an old post to the [Mailman-Users]


While this might not be practical or possible for
the old Mozdev mailing list archives (do the old mbox
files still exist?), it would be nice if we could automate
this process using a script which would allow mailing
list administrators to edit their archives in the future
through a web page interface. The non-trivial part would
seem to be deleting individual messages from the mbox file,
as I haven't found any built-in library functions in any of
the scripting languages used on Mozdev (php, python, perl)
to do this. Still, it seems feasible.

Any interest in this? Thoughts on implementation?


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