[Project_owners] new language category

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Fri Jul 18 17:40:36 EDT 2003

david boswell wrote:
> i was also considering going with 'translations'. 
> there are several different types of projects in
> there, so i tried to pick a fairly generic name for
> the category.  

Stop it Dave!

I was going to suggest "Translations after i sent the last email, 
because I thought I would be easier for end users to understand.


I'm w/ Dave here.


> for instance, does translating mozilla documentation
> into another language count as localization?  is there
> a technical difference between translating and
> localizing?
> using the term 'language' appealed to me because i
> thought of it as the common thread, although as you
> point out language can also apply to computer
> languages.
> david
>>>Is "language" not a little misleading (as in
>>computer language). Perhaps 
>>>"localization" would be a better name.
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